November 23, 2010

Data dissemination

Data archiving and dissemination involves: Completing flight data with the collection of ground monitoring data (BDC, Baseline Data Collection) after the flight. Collecting biological samples from the landing site and arranging their transport to the laboratory, or collecting data stored on hard drive.

  • Providing users with a selection of data concerning the environment of the Station and data related to their experiment, to be analyzed.
  • Ensuring the long-term archiving of data and their dissemination to the scientists who request them.
  • Validating scientific data, once they are in the public domain.

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The Ulisse project (USOCs knowLedge Integration and dissemination for Space Science and Exploration) initiated by the EU Commission Européenne aims the valorisation, dissemination via the Internet and the use of scientific data from past and future space experiments.


The SIPAD servers (Système d’Information, de Préservation et d’Accès aux Données) are used to store and secure data produced by experiments conducted from CADMOS. These servers can be accessed by scientists via internet  ( et )