March 9, 2022

CNESMAG 90 - 60 years for the future

The conquest of space is a fabulous human adventure driven by passion. Our role today has changed and our role in the future is a new chapter to be written. So do science and technology and join us with your new ideas.



Download CNESMAG (.pdf)


CNES at 60

This year at CNES we are celebrating our 60th anniversary. Since our inception, space activities have been central to France’s and more broadly Europe’s strategic independence, guaranteeing the freedom to act that is essential to making our voice heard in a constantly shifting and fiercely competitive geopolitical context. In 60 years, we have acquired a level of technical know-how that we continue to cultivate today, as we seek to support the development of new players, make it easier for them to access data and lay the groundwork for our society to derive maximum benefit from space solutions.