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Phobos-Grunt probe fails to achieve Mars trajectory

9 November 2011

Unable to take its bearings

Exhibition spotlights the heart of space

Phobos-Grunt probe could disintegrate in early January

16 November 2011

“There is still a chance”

ESA ground station makes contact with Phobos-Grunt

24 November 2011

Maintaining contact

MSL on its way to Mars

28 November 2011

570 millions de km

Jason-1 clocks up 10 years of climate observations

7 December 2011

The key role of oceanography in monitoring climate

First Pléiades satellite to launch 16 December

9 December 2011

Sub-metric image resolution

Pléiades and ELISA satellites successfully launched

17 December 2011

3½-hour mission for Soyuz

CoRoT’s haul of 25 exoplanets

23 December 2011

Exoplanets of all sorts

CNES and Sanofi Pasteur join forces to combat dengue fever